No one therapy is superior. With hypno-psychotherapy you can have the best of all worlds.

There are several hundred different forms of psychotherapy in this country. All of them have different beliefs, different ways of working, different theories as to how people come to experience emotional difficulties. I think that the great majority are right. They almost all have a valid way of working and their approaches will often work with those people who find themselves attracted to them. I don’t believe in Guardian Angels or the power of aromatherapy, crystals or tarot. The fact that I don’t believe in them doesn’t matter. Those who do believe in them will very often find a benefit in receiving therapy which accord with their principles.

In each of these therapies, however, there will be some who believe that their way is the best way, the only way. These people will criticise and condemn each and every other therapy as being inferior. I’ve met plenty of such people on training courses, on facebook groups and elsewhere. 

Nevertheless, very many therapists, practising very different forms of therapy, will experience success with their clients. There just can’t be only one form of therapy which is the only way of giving therapy. 

Perhaps all therapies have something to offer

psychotherapy and hypnotherapyI believe that a great many of these therapies have a good deal to offer. I believe that good therapists, the best therapists, will be prepared to learn from as many of them as they possibly can and will come to blend some of them into a distinct  personal therapy of their very own. 

This is precisely what I have attempted to do. Hypnotherapy is, of course, a major tool but I am first and foremost a fully trained UKCP psychotherapist. I’ve learned a good deal from mindfulness, gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, Inner Child work and Person Centred approaches. I utilise bits of CBT,  Brief Solution Focused Therapy and many other things besides.

There are other influences too, of course, and my approach develops naturally over time, being that I continue to learn from study and from my clients themselves. I’ve been undertaking a masters degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy in recent times. The approaches and theory I’ve learned during this time have been hugely influential in how I work with my adult clients.

The best therapists don’t just stick to their one and favourite way of doing things. They learn, enquire and adapt their practice.

A very famous hypnotherapist (well, he’s famous among hypnotherapists) once claimed that he devised a fresh, new therapy for every client he saw. I take many of his claims with a pinch of salt and yet that is my aim too.

Another therapist, Carl Rogers, said that he was changed by the experience of working with every client he saw. I believe the same thing. Every client, including you, will contribute to the way in which I learn and work with the next. We are all changed, even if in a very tiny way, by every human encounter we experience.

Every client is a unique individual and so deserves a unique and individual approach. I feel that being fully trained as a psychotherapist (four years of training as opposed to the standard ten month course for most hypnotherapists) gives me that breadth with which to devise just that unique approach for every single client I see.

Hypnosis is therapeutic. It is not, however, a therapy on its own

Hypnosis is a certain state of mind. It’s an experience. It can also be very relaxing (not that it has to be) but since we can’t wander through life in a perpetual state of hypnosis it’s not an answer in itself. No, hypnotherapy takes hypnosis and uses it to a therapeutic end. 

contact resolved hypnotherapyWhat end? By what method? Why in that way? Well, hypno-psychotherapy is hypnotherapy which is used within a certain philosophical framework.

We look at different fields of psychotherapy, adopt that which is useful and integrate our findings into a coherent view of how people grow, develop and sometimes experience problems.

We have a certain view of how the mind works and of how solutions can be forged. We learn from great thinkers such as Ellis, Beck, Perls, Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers, Bandler, Penny Parks and fashion a way of working through which hypnosis can help you to make great changes to your life.

We are fully qualified and professionally regulated psychotherapists who use hypnosis as their major tool. We’re trained to use other approaches and to blend them all into a wonderful form of therapy.

I say ‘we’. At the point of writing this I’m the only fully trained psychotherapist in Reading who is also a hypnotherapist. I’m one of two or in Oxford. I’m alone in Wallingford and Thame too. Only in London is there a goodly number of us. I’m also the only UKCP registered psychotherapist, in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, who is also qualified in hypnotherapy (to a UKCP standard) AND a UKCP trained child and adolescent counsellor. 

If you have a child or teenager who is experiencing problems then I’m trained, to UKCP standards, in a range of skills and approaches which have proven to be effective in helping with the full range of problems experienced by that age group.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy. Still, in my view, you need both in order to provide the best and speediest form of therapy.

Conflicted between seeing a counsellor / psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist? Well, by seeing me you get them all.

So, how does hypno-psychotherapy work for you, as I practise it?

social confidenceYou will begin to understand how your own mind works. You will gain insight. You will start to understand your strengths and you will begin to place any weaknesses in their rightful true perspective. You will begin to learn to harness your strengths and motivations.

In so doing you’ll be able to let go of the past and to build a better future.

Through this process you’ll be able to harness the power of your unconscious mind in order to rid yourself of problems, doubts, insecurities and all the unhelpful habits which go along with these.

You’ll be able to install new ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and behaving. Old ways of seeing yourself and the world around you will fade away. You’ll learn to see that you’re far stronger, adaptable and valuable than you once believed.

I’ve held more than 5,000 sessions since becoming qualified as a psychotherapist. That’s a great number of grateful and happier former clients. In fact, it’s so many satisfied former clients that I now get half of my new clients because old ones recommend me to their friends, colleagues and family.

You become your own therapist!

happy day hypnotherapyHypnotherapy when used skilfully and in combination with a sound philosophy will enable you to achieve your goals and to maintain them. You will learn how to solve your own problems and my role will be to help you see how you can do it.

When you have done it you’ll find it easier to do it again, should any other issues arise in the future. Life has a habit of doing that. My clients tend to feel wonderful after completing their time with me. However, life will always conspire to throw more at us. I’ll work to leave you resilient in the face of such challenges.

Many people tell me of how counselling was just a matter of talking through their problems, reopening old wounds and sometimes re-traumatising themselves. With hypno-psychotherapy you could learn practical techniques with which to salve and heal those wounds once and for all.

I’d aim to have you laeve leave with resilience – capable of dealing with anything which life may one day throw at them. Contact me if you’d like to hear more.

We could get started today!

I’ll help you in dealing with causes AND symptoms

achievements self esteemI tend to pay attention to the various social media fora in which hypnotherapists discuss how to approach certain issues. Too many of these, in my view, focus upon symptoms. ‘What do I do with my client who can’t sleep? How can I help them sleep?’

Others will respond with ‘how to get to sleep’ scripts. Relatively few will bother to consider why that person is having such problems to begin with. In my experience this is a concern. Unless the cause are resolved, the problems fail to go away, come back later or merely change into something else.

For example those who come to me for weight loss will often have emotional reasons behind their eating habits. If I were just to help them lose weight then the reasons for weight-gain would still remain.

They might either resume gaining weight after we finished or else find other methods of dealing with their emotions – alcohol, narcotics or suchlike.

I, instead, focus on the causes of these behaviours because when they are resolved the symptoms are resolved far more easily.

You could be free of it!

You can do it! You will!

You have so many strengths and good qualities. You may not see them. You may not appreciate them but I will and I’ll use hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic interventions to help you to see and believe them for yourself. You’ll then use these in order to achieve your goals. You CAN do it and you will!

My training

UKCP hypnotherapy readingMy training course is accredited by the UKCP. This is the professional body which regulates those training schools which would meet governmental requirements should government ever choose to regulate the profession as a whole.

UKCP wants the profession to be regulated. It actively campaigns for this. It does so because it knows that it trains high quality therapists who work with the best interests of their clients at heart.

My training organisation knows that I have my clients’ best interests at heart and that I am well placed to help them. It is for this reason that they honoured me with two national awards and it is for this reason that they took me on to train therapists on their behalf. I’m independent now, running my own training company. However, I was grateful for their vote of faith and enjoyed my time as a trainer.

Would you like to hear more? Contact me and we’ll talk.

I hope I have explained this clearly. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call me on 07786 123736 / 01183 280284 / 01865600970 or email on Alternatively, simply use the contact form below.

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