Looking for hypnotherapy  in Reading, Wallingford, Thame or Oxford? Why choose Resolved! Hypnotherapy?

It can all appear so very confusing…

hypnotherapy and problemsIf you’re visiting this site then it’s probably safe to say that you’re interested in having some therapy in order to achieve your goals. You’re now looking for a therapist and I suspect you’re finding it difficult to choose which one to see.

You might also be daunted by the sheer number of choices available to you, in terms of the types of therapy on offer. What on earth is CBT? Is person centred counselling going to suit you better than psychodynamic? A whole load of questions are swirling around in your head right now. I was once where you are now and so I do understand.

Which is the best qualified?

Which is the best approach?

Who will I get on with the best?

Who has the best approach to what I’m going through?

There are definitely hundreds and probably thousands of people offering hypnotherapy in Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford and Thame. What’s more, they all promise that their blend of experience, skills, training, personality and therapeutic approach is effective in helping people to resolve their difficulties. Many even go as far as to say that theirs is the ONLY approach.

With this in mind I thought I’d set down a few reasons why you might want to come and see one person in particular: me!

Your search for a hypnotherapist needn’t be so confusing as all that. Here’s why I’m the busiest hypnotherapist I know…

will power hypnotherapy1. I was trained to UKCP standards, through one of two bodies (the other is BACP) which guarantees the quality of training for every well-trained counsellor and psychotherapist in the country.

I trained with the NCHP. Only four hypnotherapy training organisations’ courses are judged as being rigorous enough to be a part of UKCP. The NCHP is one of those four organisations.

My training took four years to complete. Some training organisations offer courses which only last a few months.  Others churn out ‘therapists’ with five days of training and some vague promise of mentorship after the course is finished. You’re worth more than that and so I chose the longer road to genuine skills and knowledge, rather than taking the quick route to being able to wave a worthless certificate around.

2. I qualified with a Distinction and received two national awards during my training. Forty to fifty students are trained by my training company at any one time. National awards, therefore, mean something. It means that I was devoted to my studies and was determined to become the best therapist I could possibly be. 

3. Seven years into my career people have long since been recommending that their friends and family come and see me. Tonight I’m seeing a lady because I helped her daughter several years ago. I once saw a chain of seven friends for smoking cessation, each friend recommending me to the next. About a third of my clients come to me because someone said that I had once helped them.

I think, ultimately, that this is one of the best reasons of all. 

I have also, since writing the first version of this page, become qualified as a child and adolescent counsellor. I’m seeing more and more children, particularly following the recent years of lockdown induced trauma. So, if you’re here looking for help for your child then this may be another good reason to read a little more of this website, to find out about me and my approach. You might also, if this is the case, look at my website which was written specifically for children: https://www.resolvedcounsellingforchildren.com.

I’ve been a trainer of future hypnotherapists too. 

and hypnosis4. My training company was kind enough to invite me to become a trainer in Oxford. I spent three years training student hypnotherapists and loved it. My trainers were proud of their links with UKCP. They wouldn’t have risked this by asking me to train others unless they were fully confident of my abilities as a therapist.

I’m no longer a trainer  but I do have plenty of students come to see me for the therapy they have to have as a part of their training. Former students I trained will still frequently refer more complex enquiries in my direction. I think that’s a lovely vote of confidence.

5. I have spent my entire working life caring for others, be it as a care assistant, teacher or hypnotherapist. So, even before I decided to train as a hypnotherapist there was something in me which drove me to help other people make the very best of their lives. I suppose this means that I’ve spent a lifetime developing empathy, listening skills and the ability to relate to others.

I think that last sentence means more than every other. Research shows that (if everything else is equal) the relationship you build with your therapist is the most important indicator of success. If you feel that you can build a good working relationship with me as a therapist then that’s a great sign.

As a teacher I encountered many other teachers who simply disliked kids. It’s so important that I absolutely love what I do

hypnotherapy for children in readingI love working with people. I love what I do and I will love working with you, helping you to become the very best person you can possibly be. You are a wonderful person and I look forward to helping you to see this for yourself.

I still, by the way, love working with young people. I love it so much that I am now almost finished with a two year Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent psychotherapy. I have worked with children as young as five and yesterday saw my first four year old. Yes, that was a little scary but we got on fine and I look forward to helping this little man to feel happier.

Hypnosis isn’t always the best tool with the extremely young. Still, where it’s appropriate I will weave into the work I do with my younger clients. Play therapy, sand, music, puppets and so much more offer a new and effective way of working with the youngest of children. 

I can therefore offer a psychotherapeutic service for people ranging almost from cradle to grave.

Get in touch if your child needs a little input. Hypnotherapy can help with all kinds of childhood and adolescent issues such as exam stress, enuresis, thumb-sucking and more. Of course, it also works well (in the right hands) with child versions of complaints such as depression and OCD.

You are more important than my business. Here’s why…

6. I will never ask you to give me a testimonial. You are not a means by which I  can further my ambitions. You will come to me because you need help and I will never seek to exploit you in any fashion. UKCP forbids the use of testimonials and I will never depart from their view on this issue. I work to a strict ethical code and I will never seek to undermine this for my own benefit. Your best interests are my business.

Buy cheap, pay twice…

contact resolved hypnotherapy7. I will never take short-term shortcuts. I will help you deal with your issue thoroughly in order that it doesn’t recur or reappear in a different form. i will never, therefore, promise that i can ‘cure’ you in a certain number of sessions. You are unique and so deserve individual attention. Every unique client needs and deserves their own individual form of therapy.

Please beware those who claim to be able to ‘fix’ A, B or C in a ridiculously short period of time. These people with all of their wonder-cures have never invested their money into real research. If I could do that which they claim to do then I would conduct or commission some real research.

I would prove to the NHS that my approach was the best approach out there and so that it worked much more quickly than others. The NHS would jump at the chance to save so much money and I would become the famous millionaire who had helped a whole nation to better mental health.

Why don’t they do it?

I once witnessed a therapist bragging about how he could reliably rid people of chronic pain, time after time, in a single session. He even had one client give a video testimonial, in which he said he was pain free. He posted it on facebook and all of the other one-session wonder-cure ‘therapists’ applauded his work and paid thousands for the training course which soon followed. 

He was at east good enough to admit, a week later, that this client had called him back. The pain had returned. It wasn’t a one-session wonder-cure after all.

He was lucky the guy had called back at all. If you’d paid hundreds for a single hour of therapy, on the understanding that one hour would bring a permanent solution, would you bother going back if it didn’t work as promised?

I have worked with a great many people who began by taking the short cut. They didn’t go back to the wonder-guy for a second session. They understood that it had been a false-promise and looked for someone else. The bad news is that the wonder-wizard of a therapist rarely comes to hear of it and just keeps on believing that she’s wonderful.

Go for the short cut and just take longer. Does that sound appealing?

I’ve been there too.

8. I am happy to confess that I have had my own share of problems in the past. I am not a wise man in a position of authority, I am no Buddha. I first experienced hypnotherapy as a smoker. I had no real faith in it but it worked. I had a spot of counselling too. It was these experiences which led me into training as a hypno-psychotherapist. It was these experiences which taught me of the immense power of counselling and hypnotherapy. These experiences, I believe, left me with the empathy and understanding necessary to be a therapist.

I have extensive experience of using hypnotherapy with asperger’s syndrome

asperger's hypnotherapy wallingford8. If you live in my area and have Asperger’s Syndrome (or love someone who does) then you may be finding it difficult to find a therapist with any real understanding of ASD issues.

My eldest daughter has AS and I have had to learn a lot, fast. I wrote my dissertation on how hypnotherapy could be used to help people with AS. Around a quarter of my clients, at any one time, are on the spectrum and I enjoy helping them to achieve their goals.

I’m now the nation’s ‘go to’ person when it comes to hypnotherapy and asperger’s. Well, I’m one of perhaps two or three. 

People now come to see me from places as far away as Cumbria, Cornwall and beyond – for help with issues relating to hypnotherapy and ASD. I also work with people overseas, via VSee. One man even flew me down to the South of France in order to help him to overcome asperger’s related anxiety issues. He was more than happy with the results!

9. I do believe that hypnotherapy, when combined with counselling, psychotherapy and a warm and engaging relationship, can do wonders in helping another human being. The fact that so many of my former clients recommend me to their friends speaks volumes. Many of my clients come to me through this route and I’m always incredibly glad and grateful to hear that “so and so told me to come to you.”

UKCP accreditation is the gold standard for high quality training

ukcp registered hypnotherapist10. UKCP is one of the two major professional organisations for counselling and psychotherapy. UKCP and BACP are the gold standard of professional organisations.

I know of few other hypnotherapists who undertook four years of training, had to undergo personal therapy as a part of their own training or who are held to such strict ethical standards.

Belonging to UKCP is, in my opinion, the jewel in my crown. It shows that I undertook more rigorous training and am held more firmly to account than many other hypnotherapists in those geographical areas in which I work.

Belonging to UKCP also means that I undergo regular supervision. Supervision means that I have a more experienced therapist offer advice and input into my work. Sometimes it’s simply the case that a different set of eyes can help.

My supervisor will never know anything more about you than your first initial.  Your confidentiality, as always, is of paramount importance.

Finally, belonging to UKCP means that I undergo regular CPD. This training means that I never sit back on my laurels and assume that I now know it all. I’m constantly learning and improving my skills.

What kind of a person do you want your highly-trained and ethical hypnotherapist to be?

11. Finally, most importantly, I believe that I can offer the warm and engaging relationship I mentioned above. I hope

and believe that you’ll find me the right person with whom you can feel safe in sharing whatever it is which bothers you.

I hope you’ll feel the same when we’re done. There are few things so beautiful as seeing a person leave my therapy room feeling better about themselves and being more confident in their ability to face life and its problems. I truly do hope that you’ll be the next such person.

More questions? Just get in touch!

If you would like to discuss with me how I might be able to help you then I’d be more than glad to speak with you. You can call me on 01865 600970/ 07786 123736/01883 280284 or email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

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