You are strong enough to do more than cope. Hypnotherapy could show you how!

Many of my clients in Reading, Thame, Wallingford and Oxford tell me how pathetic they are. They tell me how weak they feel, how they sense themselves to be victims of their past or present situations. They’re like corks bobbing about on the water, helplessly carried along by tides which seem beyond their control. It always strikes me as being a tragic thing, to see such wonderful people with such warped opinions of themselves.

This isn’t at all surprising. People who feel weak focus on their shortcomings.

We all have faults. We all have areas of ourselves which could be worked on, strengthened and developed further.

However, if you only ever focus on supposed weaknesses then they appear bigger, greater than anything else. Strengths are downplayed and ignored until everything seems bleak and worthless.

My clients, furthermore, very often miss some very important things. They miss how our experiences give us qualities and strengths of which we are often unaware.

Adverse circumstances and even great traumas can leave something greater than fear, tears and grief. People often fail to see how they are strong in the broken places.

They also miss their very real strengths, strengths which can be taken and used to help make positive changes in thought patterns, feelings and behaviours. 

It’s amazing how we can miss such things. It’s sad to see, too, when I witness wonderful people downplaying, or wholly ignoring, their virtues whilst fixating and exaggerating supposed flaws.

If you watched the video above you’ll appreciate how our minds sometimes play tricks on us. We don’t always see things as they really are, not even our own selves.

Your past has made you strong. You could learn to see yourself differently

People will tell me of how their parents have damaged them. They will tell me of how their parents were damaged by their own parents. What they often miss is how they have broken the chain of misery.

Philip Larkin wrote of how “man hands on misery to man” and yet my clients are always those how refused to hand on their misery to their own children. They are stronger than they think. They have refused to give in. They have refused to inflict their own suffering on their children. They have been the first in a long line of pain to say “enough is enough.” 

I can’t put into words just how much I admire them.

They are strong in their broken places. They have borne a heavy load for a long time. They are strong enough!

self-esteemMy clients are often those who have chosen careers through which they have chosen to care for others, caring in order to give to others what they never had themselves. Nurses, care-workers and even therapists themselves, they have worked to lessen the suffering of others.

They are sensitive, caring and compassionate, They often mistake this for weakness because their own parents tried to make them hard and callous. My clients refused to see the world as their parents did. They broke the mould. They are different. They are strong.

However, they have often chosen a stuff and brittle form of strength, a strength where tears are ‘pathetic’ and sadness feeble. I work to teach them to become strong in a more resilient manner, so they can live with their feelings and so be free of them. 

The good old stiff upper lip can carry you so far in life. At some point or other, however, it will simply fail.

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If you are reading this because of your own experiences then I would urge you to give me a call. Hypnotherapy can help you. You can learn to see your strengths. You can learn to forgive yourself for what you see as being weaknesses. They are probably your best qualities. You can and will learn to love yourself for them.

You could learn to put down the burden you’ve been carrying because of your past. When this happens you’ll begin to realise just how strong you’ve been all this time, in carrying it. When you are set free of the past you’ll see how you can use your strengths and talents to carry your life forwards into places which you’d never have thought possible before. I have used hypnotherapy in Reading, Thame, Oxford and Wallingford to help people free themselves and thrive. You could be the next to be free!

Emotional abuse needn’t hold you back any longer. Hypnotherapy could hold the answer!

If you are reading this post because you are looking for an answer to why you feel unhappy with yourself then you are stronger than you think. If you had been beaten you would not be looking for help. You wouldn’t see it as being possible. Anyone who walks through my door has the strength they need. You are already the person you wish to be. You just don’t see it yet. I’ll be able to see it. Let me help you to see it too. Hypnotherapy can help you. Get in touch to find out more!

Best wishes

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