You deserve better: You could get it with hypnotherapy

As they say in the adverts – ‘you’re worth it!’


If only people could be kinder to themselves. We tend to be quick to criticise our actions, thoughts and feelings. We’re far less willing to praise ourselves for our stronger qualities and attributes, or to allow others to do the same. We find it far easier to praise others than recognise that we might have some good qualities too. It’s often truly shocking to witness people, my clients, being so very cruel to themselves.

self-esteemClients of mine often begin to see me feeling as if they are worthless. I know, from the very start, that they are anything but worthless and within weeks they are generally beginning to take control of their lives again.

A great deal of my work in Thame, Oxford, Reading and Wallingford is spent in helping my clients to feel as if they’re worthy of respect, kindness and consideration. They really are, every single one of them.

If you feel similar. If you find it easier to beat yourself up than to acknowledge your strengths, successes and virtues then perhaps it’s time to seek a little bit of help.

Of course, you could continue to live inside the illusion that you’re all bad and useless. You could continue to unconsciously sabotage your efforts to build a career, a family, a relationship. 

Yes, you could carry on doing exactly the same as you’re doing now.

In a year you’d be exactly where you are, right now. Perhaps you’ll feel worse. One thing is for certain, you won’t be feeling any better. Nobody has ever criticised or bullied themselves into becoming a better person. Besides, you don;t need to be a better person. You just need to learn to behave better towards your own self.

Those people who choose to seek help deserve better. My clients, each and every one of them, deserved better.

They deserved better. You do too!

With my clients a huge marker is often reached when they explain to me how  they have taken significant and decisive actions to improve their lives. They realise, at some point, that they don’t deserve to feel that way any longer. They deserve better.

They are by no means alone. The movements and actions by which they come to realise their own worth could describe hundreds of my former clients.

No matter how badly off they feel when they first sit in my therapy rooms they all have a part of their mind which knows that things could be different and that they are worthy of it. If they didn’t, why would they be sat there?

It is always a happy sight to see my clients stepping back out into the world with a new vision of their own selves and of how life could be. Nobody deserves to feel as they once had.

You deserve better too and if you’re not quite able to believe it then hypnotherapy could be the means to a healthier self-esteem. Give me a call, send me an email, reach out and we’ll begin to discuss how things could be different. Don;t just bury your head in the sand, believing that life has to be so hard and that nothing can be changed.

When you believe it your behaviours will begin to change too

I am in awe of my clients at those moments. Their lives had formerly seemed such a struggle and within a very short space of time they seize control. They are in charge of their own destiny and from that point on they know it. It is then a matter of helping the client to see where they can begin to wrest control of their life back from the brink of despair. 

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When self-esteem grows, behaviours change and others will be forced to change how they approach you.

affairs hypnotherapyIt’s a difficult experience to witness people struggling so very hard to keep their heads above water. I see their strengths and qualities and we work together in order that they can see these for themselves too.

It isn’t always easy but the rewards are great and I love seeing my clients grow to be kinder of themselves, more aware of their strengths and more forgiving of their weaknesses. 

You DO deserve better

Nobody deserves to go through life feeling unhappy with themselves. Nobody deserves to feel worthless. Nobody. I’m happy to be in a position where I can help people to see their true value. I hope, if you’re reading this with a view to finding a hypnotherapist yourself, that you’ll come to me for the same help.

Please also bear in mind that I could be of help to your children. If you’re sitting there looking for someone to help a son or a daughter then it may interest you to know that I am a qualified Child and Adolescent Counsellor. I am almost finished with my masters degree in child and adolescent psychotherapy. I see children from 4 to 18 in Reading and Oxford.

If you live in or around Reading, Wallingford, Thame or Oxford and need some help with self-esteem you can call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280 284 or email me at . I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to that moment where you can look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you’re worth far more than you used to think.

Best wishes