You’re as shiny and valuable as ever. Hypnotherapy could help you to rediscover self-esteem

Rediscover your inner shininess! Revive your self-esteem. Hypnotherapy could help you.

If you’re lacking in confidence, or have lost it and would like to get it back then hypnotherapy could help you. It needn’t be something you just have to live without. Life can throw all manner of hardships in our direction and if you’re feeling as if all the confidence has been beaten out of you then things can change.

Every day I see a client, for hypnotherapy in Reading, London, Thame, Wallingford or Oxford, who has somehow lost their self-esteem. If you’re in a similar position then all is not lost. Sit yourself back for a story…

When I was a teenager I worked in a pub. I used to stack the shelves, clean the pumps and pipes, sweep the yard, polish the silver and sort the empty bottles into crates. It was hard work but I enjoyed it.

One day the landlord asked me to do some extra work in the garden. I was to weed some flower beds and dig others. I was being paid the princely sum of £3.30 per hour and so was glad to accept.

And then, one day…

self esteemAt some point I found something small and round in the garden. It was obviously a coin but it was dirty and I couldn’t tell what kind of coin it might be. Besides, I was in a hurry and so I stuffed it into a pocket and carried on with my work.

When I reached home I changed into fresher clothes and rediscovered that coin at the bottom of my pocket. I still couldn’t see what kind of coin it was.

I did, however, remember having read that tomato ketchup was a tonic for cleaning things. The vinegar and other ingredients would clean practically anything. So, I poured some over my coin and left it overnight.

Later on I came back and scrubbed my coin under the tap. It came up looking as good as new. It was a silver sixpence from 1916. I kept it as a charm for a while but later lost it. Perhaps someone else has found it by now. I hope so.

What is dirty can be restored to shininess. What was lost can be re-found. Coins may be coated by years of grime and dirt and yet they can still rediscover their gleam. Perhaps you’ll try it with a dirty coin of your own one day.

My clients can be a little like that coin

Anyway, I think that people are sometimes a little like that coin. They remain beautiful and strong and yet these qualities can become obscured and hidden by the ravages of time and events.

Sometimes it’s others around them who constantly hammer home the message that they’re worthless and dull. People who have been abused by those they should have been able to trust can sometimes simply forget how strong and beautiful they are. They’ve just had too much dirt thrown at them.

So many clients tell me that they wish that they were the same person they’d been “back then, before x, y and z happened.” They wish they could turn back time and do things differently.

I help them to realise that they are still that person. You are that person. Nothing has changed. You’ve simply lost sight of that glimmer, that glint, that shine which lies beneath the grime and dirt which life can throw at us. Hypnotherapy can help to remove the dirt in order that you can see the positives for yourself. 

I tell some of my clients the coin-related story I’ve just told you and sometimes this simple story can strike home. Sometimes I’ve given them a dirty coin and have told them to take it home, clean it up and stick it to the fridge as a reminder.

Sometimes clients are struck by the realisation that the person they were is still there. In fact, the person they once were is now even stronger because of their experiences. People develop good qualities in good times but they also develop them in times of challenge and hardship. It’s probably true of you. If you took some time to think about it, you’d probably realise that your most lovely qualities are a direct consequence of that hardest times you’ve ever had to face. Abused people become more compassionate. Bullied people come to stand up for others. The list goes on and on.

Rediscover yourself. Learn to love and like yourself again and the rest of the world will follow suit.

You may not realise this, yet, but if you live in or near Reading, London, Thame, Wallingford or Oxford then hypnotherapy could take away the beliefs which have clouded and dulled that inner shine. You could come to see that you are now even better than the person you used to be. You just need a little faith in yourself, a faith which hypnotherapy could help to restore.

Let’s turn back the clock of self-esteem. You valued yourself once and can and will again.

Hypnotherapy can help you to realise this. Hypnotherapy can help you to recapture what it felt to be like that and to bring those feelings and possibilities into the present.

You can be that person again because that person never once left you. Contact me here and we can get down to work!

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